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Manual Driving Kit (MDK)



MSRP: $32.99  

The Manual Driving Kit (MDK) is great for smaller projects or areas where jackhammer installation is not convenient. The MDK comes with a drive rod, HSP-T4 spacer for the T4 series anchors, and stabilizing handle/adjustment bar. You can use a post driver to drive the post in the ground. If you have maybe a half-dozen or so posts, then this is your best tool. It’s quicker and easier than driving a sledgehammer, but it IS an extra tool that you’ll have to either rent or purchase. However, it’s still a manual tool. So, if you’re driving any more than say, six of these, we suggest going big and using a jackhammer with the JDK.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 1.67 x 1.67 x 33 in
Kit Includes

1 MDK-13 Manual Driver and
1 Red T4 Spacer (for T4 series post anchors)


• Manual driving kit for small projects or hard to reach locations
• Kit comes in convenient storage case
• Slide hammer quickly drives your post into the ground
• Sturdy construction, built in rubber-grip, all-in-one tool

OZ-Post Post Anchors - OZCO

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