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Project Plans: Pavilions & Pergolas for 12×16 Patios

July 6, 2018
12x16 Structures Pergola & Pavilions

What do you think about when you imagine a perfect summer night at home? Perhaps a barbecue party in your backyard, with all your friends and family around? Or maybe a quiet evening with a book and a cup of coffee among trees and rose bushes in your garden? Are Pavilions & Pergolas a part of the dream?

Whatever type of relaxation you prefer, OZCO can help you create just the right spot in your backyard with our project plans for Pavilions & Pergolas! However, creating a beautiful, functional, and a safe outdoor area can be a daunting task. Questions like “what garden structure is best for me”, “should it be covered or uncovered” and “how do I choose the right one” are just some of the challenges. Here are some tips from OZCO.

A pavilion is a practical and elegant solution and will help you create space everyone will enjoy. It is multi-purpose and gives you privacy, safety, and beauty at the same time. Apart from that, it is our goal to make your installation easier using our plans – OZCO pavilions are designed to help you create a structure with lasting results.

A classic pavilion Project #227 (8×8 posts), for example, is your best bet for high use areas. A free standing wooden pavilion, a sturdy one, made of high-quality cedar or pressure treated lumber, it will look especially great on a large area with a pool, a large dining table or a lounge area. Combined with unique Accessories like a Wine Glass Holder or a Wine Bottle Tiki, it becomes a perfect fit for a large party or a family gathering. Since the pavilion is a covered outdoor living structure that offers reliable protection from unfavorable weather conditions, you can also use as a spa covering or even a carport! Looking for the same pavilion in a different size? Try Project #214 (6×6 posts)!

An attached patio pavilion as in Project #642 will add a touch of beauty and coziness to your backyard. A great place for a meal with family or friends, or simply spending a quiet evening with a book. It is highly decorative and eye-pleasing thanks to the adjustable and timeless design of OWT Hardware; however, an attached pavilion performs not only a decorative function. The shade it creates helps balance the heat capacity of your home’s exterior, controlling the temperature inside. Ideal for the admirers of both aesthetics and functionality.

In contrast to grand pavilions, a pergola will look more harmonious in a smaller garden or backyard. For example, OZCO Project #324 is a universal solution that helps zone your backyard and creates versatility within a single area. Made of the timber of your choice, it fits harmoniously into modern gardens with Ironwood Hardware, or you can use Laredo Sunset in a country-style garden. Not only the stylish design will make you fall in love with this pergola, by building this structure you will know how structurally sound it is as well for many years of enjoyment!

 A delicate and lightsome pergola such as OZCO Project #325, on the other hand, creates an atmosphere that encourages relaxation. A fresh soft wind and a slight half-shade that a pergola will create will help beat the heat on a hot day. The combination of the highest quality lumber and stylish OWT Hardware creates the genuine and authentic look that will amplify the natural beauty of your garden. Your dream brought to life by our plans and your hard working! Get inspired by the projects below to turn your backyard into the most beautiful place in the world!

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