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Project Plans: Pergolas with Curved Rafter Appeal

May 30, 2018
Pergola with Curve Appeal Curved Rafters
Triple Curved Pergola

Create a space for entertaining or just a quiet spot to relax under the shade outdoors, a pergola with OWT Hardware is definitely what you need. Apart from offering excellent protection, it will also sweep you off your feet pergolas with curved rafter appeal have inviting design, particularly its awe-inspiring curves.

Whether you are looking for a pergola with a single (12×14 Pergola #350 and 12X12 Pergola #750), double (12×12 Pergola #309) or triple (10×16 Pergola #351 and #751) seam to create a curved rafter system with varying size options, we have you covered by using OWT Rafter Seams. For the single and triple seam, we offer two sets of plans, one using the original OWT Hardware and the other using OWT-Lite Hardware. As with all the OZCO Project Plans Laredo Sunset or Ironwood Style of hardware can be switched out depending on your personal preference. Another great product shown in the curved rafter pergola lifestyle pictures are the Post Bands which come in 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8. Not only are the Post Bands a great product to keep your posts from splitting they can be added to existing posts for up-keep. As an added feature the Post Bands have the ability to have a variety of add-on Accessories attached; from hanging plants, hooks, shackles to the ever-popular wine glass holder. Use the bottle holder (wick and cap included) to up-cycle wine bottles into tiki-torches creating a fun and functional backyard experience.

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