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Designed to add a unique touch to your Outdoor Structure, OZCO OWT 6″x6″ Post Band is an innovative solution for every creative building project that involves Ironwood elements. No matter how harsh the weather conditions, the band will protect the wood from splitting and prolong the life of your construction for years to come. Simply adjust the band on the post and secure it with bolts that come in the kit. Rain or shine, your wooden posts will always remain healthy and good-looking. The product is intended for 6″x6″ posts and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Perfectly suitable for ACQ pressure-treated wood. Apart from performing a protective function, the OWT Post Band serves as an excellent decorative element of design. Hot-dip galvanized steel and black powder coating ensures a clean look and consistency throughout the entire project. Moreover, the Post Band is resistant to corrosion, so the construction will look great in 20 or even 50 years from now, ridding you of unnecessary expenses in the nearest future. With our OWT Post Bands, you can be sure you’re creating a strong and safe construction that will stand the test of time and won’t let you down even under the harshest of circumstances.

Love our Post Bands? Be sure to see our line of Accessories for all types of Outdoor Living conveniences!

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September 11, 2017


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In need of project plans? OZCO is always updating our library of FREE how to project plans from material lists to detailed instructions.


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FEATURED Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT)


Column Caps in 4×4 and 6×6 sizes and in both Ironwood & Laredo Sunset. Designed specifically to support the column and distribute the load evenly, it is able to hold the weight of up to 12000 pounds, making your construction sturdy and safe.


No matter how harsh the weather conditions, the band will protect the wood from splitting and prolong the life of your construction for years to come. Ironwood Post Bands come in 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 sizes along with a great line of accessories like the very popular Wine Glass Holder that attaches right to the Post Band.


The OWT Rafter Seam is a specialty connector that is the first of its kind. Although it is useful for many types of connections one of the most common is to join rafters for curved top pergolas. Available in Ironwood (shown) and Laredo Sunset.


At OZCO our passion and love is to manufacture the highest quality building products from Decorative Hardware to Post Anchors and Fence Brackets for DIY’ers to Pro, while providing How-To’s with step by step instructions for all types of Outdoor Living Structures including a Bill of Materials that are easy to use. Our hardware is designed and manufactured with innovative building breakthroughs so anyone that uses our products will be proud of their work and ours.


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Technical Evaluation Reports (TER’s), Product Testing and More

Specify new and innovative building products for your most inspired projects. Download CAD, BIM, SPECS, 3D and more...FREE!


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OZCO is the GREATER Choice In Building Materials

    OZCO has been granted 13 US patents on its products with more pending. OZCO invests in protecting its intellectual property.


    Don’t pay more for less — With OZCO products that is never the case. Custom cut steel is expensive in part to the time-consuming manufacturing process and simply doesn’t last as long. What is the cost per pound?  Take the cost/weight and you will quickly see that OWT hardware has the lowest cost per pound.


    Other connectors on the market require bending of the brackets or the size of the material to be known before placing orders.  Neither option is ideal — OWT connectors are the answer offering truly adjustable on-site installation with ease


    Not all galvanized is created equal, pre-galvanized steel does not perform as well as HDG. Galvanizing after production ensures all areas of the steel is uniformly coated with zinc. The same process used for national highway guardrails, an area subjected to some of the harshest environmental conditions.


    OWT hardware features high-grade exterior power coating. PC performs better than liquid paint typically used by steel fabricators. All of the OZCO black powder coated hardware is truly uniform providing consistency & performance for the entire project.


    The thicker the steel is the stronger the connection will be. OWT steel thickness is scaled to be more pleasing to the eye. Pays homage to the history of this type of timber construction.


    OWT hardware is not only attractive but it is also structural. We could manufacture our products for a lower cost but our goal is to make our products perform above industry standards.


    At OZCO we are builders too, so whenever possible we include the necessary hardware to keep your list short, save time & money. Hardware is well packaged to remain in excellent condition from the store to the job-site. Our products are also packaged in job sized quantities for DIY and Pro.


    OWT Timber Screws feature performance with strength that is second to none — in a wide range of lengths for all types of projects. Screws can be used successfully when the force is predominantly shear load. Don’t forget to use our Heavy Duty Washer on wood to wood connections for added strength and style.



Easy to install, good quality product. Have had many inquiries about the product plus compliments. Will use again.

Jason ~ LaVergne, TN

4x4 Post Base Kit


decorative metal brackets for wood beams

Decorative metal brackets can take your pergola from plain to stylish.

The pergola is the crowning feature of many backyard gardens. It gives your yard presence and a naturally beautiful area to relax and socialize in. On a summer day, it may even be your favorite thing about your home.

Recently, while at a regular client’s house doing some deck work, I noticed that the connectors and ties on his pergola were stainless steel. The hardware looked unsightly, standing out like a sore thumb compared to his wood deck accented in black iron. He had been worried about using weak decorative ties on his pergola and didn’t want to use hardware that would look nice for a season or two, but then need replacing once the bad weather rolled around. I gave him a pat on the back before mentioning, “You really ought to give me a call before a big project like this, buddy. It’s what I’m here for.”

See, there are indeed decorative black iron connectors and ties that are strong, durable, weather-resistant—and would have tied in perfectly with his deck, no pun intended. In fact, there’s a wide selection of decorative hardware that you can use to build a beautiful pergola designed to stand up to the elements, year round. You just have to know what you’re looking for when you go searching for decorative metal brackets for wood beams to compliment your favorite outdoor space, your pergola.
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OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) gives you the style you want with the strength you need. OZCO 2×4 Top Rail Saddle hardware is a part of the OZCO Railing System line and matches seamlessly with both styles Laredo Sunset or Ironwood along with other products in the line. The 2×4 Top Rail Saddle connects railings to posts and is designed to last. OZCO Rail Saddles are pre-engineered to accept the railing saddle at the proper height for building codes. Rail Saddles can be mounted at 90 degrees or perpendicular and can create a 90-degree corner or an in-line post.

Ornamental Wood Ties hardware by OZCO is manufactured using a heavy-gauge quality material with a decorative flair. The smooth black finish is powder coated, offering corrosion-resistant products that will last a lifetime. Ornamental Wood Ties connectors and decorative accents are not only beautiful but allow you to add your personal touch to any outdoor project.

Specify new and innovative building products for your most inspired projects. For FREE Download CAD, BIM, SPECS, 3D and more.

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