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Project Plans: Specialty Pergolas for Unique Outdoor Spaces

Needing a shaded spot poolside or an outdoor living area off the house? From small to greater shaded poolside spots to an outdoor living area with each of these specialty pergolas have unique features like overhangs or curved joists and rafters each plan offers a great solution to your needs.


Project Plans: Pergolas with Curved Rafter Appeal

Create a space for entertaining or just a quiet spot to relax under the shade outdoors, a pergola with OWT Hardware is definitely what you need. Apart from offering excellent protection, it will also sweep you off your feet pergolas with curved rafter appeal have inviting design, particularly its awe-inspiring curves.


Project Plans: Two Tier Pergolas Multi-Level

Adding beauty and style to your home has become much easier with a two-level or two tier pergola. The bold and beautiful design of a multi-level structure will improve not only the outside space but also add interest to the entry points of your home.