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Project Plans: Two Tier Pergolas Multi-Level

May 25, 2018
Project 396 895 Two Tier Pergola

Adding beauty and style to your home has become much easier with a two-level or two tier pergola. The bold and beautiful design of a multi-level structure will improve not only the outside space but also add interest to the entry points of your home.

The Two Tier Pergola plans come in a 30’x16′ with 8″x8″ posts (version #396) and a 26’x16 with 6″x6″ posts (version #895), either version looks great with the Laredo Sunset or Ironwood Style of hardware and can be constructed with cedar or pine due to the adjustability of the OWT Post BasesΒ & Post to Beams themselves.Β Integrating into the landscape, this particular pergola will highlight the personality of your home as well as its owners. Like any other pergola, this one too has posts that support beams and rafters. However, it has two levels adding depth with a solid and stylish presence.

Feel like you have seen The Two Tier Pergola with Ornamental Wood Ties somewhere? Most likely you would have if you are a regular viewer of a popular home improvement show shot right here in Texas!

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